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Welcome in Belgium

Our school is a medium-size elementary school with students from villages around Libramont. We have 266 students, aged 3 to 10 years old, whocome from a variety of social backgrounds. Many projects of living together are annually proposed to encourage interactions between children outside the classes in the spirit of meeting with other cultures, social animations (Oxfam lunch, Ose le vert, fundraising for different charities).

Children are also involved in learning and activities. In every classroom, we have children with specific needs (ADHD dyslexics, dyspraxia,…) This is why we have set up a support unit with teachers fully involved in this specific group during 20h/week. Therefore, we hope that activities centered on music will help them to acquire the tools that promote concentration.

"The brain is like an orchestra"

Neuroscience is flagship subject in our training plan, we learned that music improves the connection between the auditory zone and the motor zone. The brain is like an orchestra. More important is the communication between the zones, more efficient is the connection. So there is more synchrony between the 2 zones. Actually, we have been leaders in the integration of ICT for over 15 years but now, we want to develop other new skills. We hope to participate in this new project to integrate music at the center of our learning. We are aware that up to now music does not have the place it deserves.

This project seems to us an excellent opportunity to discover how we can integrate music into our classes. It is obvious that we will share our practices inside our school and for this reason, we are in constant search of new tracks. The students involved in the project will have the opportunity to travel during the project and will introduce their schoolmates to the activities they experienced during their stay.

We all know that music is an UNIVERSAL language! This facility communicating through music also allows us to set up, if the project is approved, a direct collaboration with a specialized teaching school (école du Mardasson à Bastogne).

This project would target to animate, by our students, workshops around music for the students from this specialized school who have many difficulties. This year, one of our teachers, Cédric MOLITOR, is formed every Wednesday to integrate music into lessons. He will obviously be part of teachers involved in this Erasmus+ project. He will be helped by a team of 7 teachers who have already met several times to complete the file. The teachers who will take part of this project are from different classees and have elaborate future workshops with students from different grade.

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