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Welcome in Spain

CEIP EsPil·larí is a small school of 9 classes, with 228 students, aged from 3 to 12 years old and 21 teachers. Music is part of everyone’s culture. The interest in being in this project arises from the belief in the power of music over the individual. We hope to share our experience with other countries and learn from other experiences, to enrich ourselves culturally and to contribute to unite language and music in an international project.

All learning in other languages (memory, attention,...) is enhanced in musical activities, as they are related to elements such as intonation, rhythm, ringing tone, intensity, etc being language variations. Therefore, communicative competence in pronunciation, vocabulary, intonation, grammar and rhythm is improved in a relaxed and motivational learning environment. A musical-cultural teaching-learning process, at a European level, encourages us as a team in the world of education.

"What an experience !"

Susana Gilmartín has been teaching music for more than 20 years both in public schools and private entities. She has worked in the USA as a bilingual teacher for 3 years and has carried out musical projects, where linguistic and cognitive abilities have been improved, not to mention the social links between different cultures, in this case with America. She has also been music delegate of the Government of the Balearic Islands, where she developed the external projection of the musical culture of this autonomous community.

Evaluator of professor merit for the Ministry of Education board in Spain.
Technical Advisor for teachers (ATD) for two years in the Ministry of Education and Culture, being responsible for the employment of teachers.
Represented the Balearic Island in the International Music contest “MIDEM”.
Music representative for the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Balearic Islands.
Innovation project: moodle virtual platform for SFL (Spanish Foreign Language) based on music activities.
Literacy project through music.
Musical Exchange project between Texas (USA) and Spain.
Balearic Island Manager in “ArtistasenRuta”.
Guide edition of musical groups of Balearic Islands.

We believe that we can contribute this experience to the project and we are eager to know how this field is developed in other European countries (the technology, the strategies, the organization of the classes, the educational approach on which they are based,... ). We aim at a transmission of new cultures, new languages, motivation to know more, etc. A challenge that appears daily in the classroom but that we hope to tackle, through this project, getting involved in the habits and customs of others, participating in the process of all possible experiences at the European level.

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