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Welcome in Turkey

Kayışdağı Arifpaşa Primary School is a big A type school of 1007 students between the ages 6 to 10. 51 teachers actively work on education and social activities such as chess, art, folk dances, sports and music. There are 36 classrooms two of which are for students with special needs. There is also a class used for gifted students. Moreover, there is a 240 square meters of sports field for physical activities and a 240 square meters of conference hall used for social activities and presentations.

Our school is located in Ataşehir which is one of the most crowded and modern countries in Istanbul. Istanbul is the most crowded metropolitan city in Turkey.

"International projects !"

The socio-economicalbackground of students is average. The prior needs of our students are to learn about other cultures and people, to actively take part in international projects. The number of students with special needs is 6. Moreover, the number of students coming from Roman families is 4. The scope of our school is national. As a school, we are dependent on our national traditions and customs. Furthermore, we have a perspective of education which is examiner, inquisitorial and reformist. We are also aware of global system of education. The priorities of our students are to experience going abroad, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, traditions and traditional food and costumes, forming an opinion about education fields, getting in contact with their peers, recognizing the different education systems. As for career prospects the students are successfully educated for higher education.

Our school took part in a Comenius project named ‘Enthusiasm at School’ between the years 2012-2015. Furthermore, in the two last years we took part in Etwinning projects named ‘White Butterflies’ ‘May Children’s friendship and games thrive in Europe’ ‘Origami magija;Origami Magic’ ‘Flower in a child’s hand’.This year we have become twin at Etwinning with a school in Spain and we have recently prepared toy catalogs.

The needs of our school are to be engaged in international projects, learn about different cultures and host people from different countries.

9 teachers will actively take part in the project. Binnur Özkılıç is the teacher of English at our school. She will be able to take part in the correspondence. Oktay Dersinlioğlu speaks English and German and he had many experiences of going European countries for commercial purposes before being a teacher. Ergin Şahindaş took part in the Comenius projects in 2012-2015 years and he is an expert on folk dances and child games. Dilek Öztürk took part in many Etwinning projects before and she is active on chess, drama and new syllabus programmes. Aslı Öztürk is active on music courses and club. Çiğdem Yıldız is active on chess and she is concerned with tracking. Özlem Akşan is expert on drama classes. Cabbar Aydın is expert on chess and he is actively training the students. Canan Erbil Çoban is the submanager of our school.

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